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We help you to apply ICP filing in 14 days to publish your website in Mainland China

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About ICP

What is ICP?

An ICP (Internet Content Provider) Filing certifies a website domain to be hosted lawfully on a server or CDN located in Mainland China

Why do you need ICP?

  • Hosting in China
  • Legal Compliance
  • Faster Website
  • Better User Experience

Do you provide hosting service?

Yes, we provide China web hosting service as channel partner of Alibaba Cloud.

Are you eligible?

Enterprises must have a registered business entity in Mainland China

We provide a quick online assessment to let you understand if you are eligible to apply ICP Filing, and what you need to do.

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What if I do not have a business registration in China yet?

We can help referring you to register a business in China.

GoodPage - ICP Filing Expert



Online Assessment
1 min


Consultation Call
15 min


Online Information Form
15 min


Payment and Consultation
1 hour Face to Face meeting


Phone Verification
Recieve verification phone call


Success Notification
ICP filing no. will be provided within 14 days*

Partnership withGoodPage - ICP Filing Expert

GoodPage is channel partner of Alibaba Cloud, the leading cloud service provider in China.

We partner with Alibaba Cloud to deliver ICP Filing and Cloud Service.

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GoodPage - ICP Filing Expert


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Obtain your ICP Filing No. in 14 days*

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* Application process can be completed within 14 days with provision of correct information normally. Actual duration depends on MIIT review time.

GoodPage - ICP Filing Expert

Are you eligible to apply ICP Filing?

Answer simple questions in 1 min to know if you are ready to apply ICP filing. We will let you know what you need to do next.

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